Wednesday 6 June 2012


The market as a cultural trait d'union common to all peoples into the world.  

For millennia the market represents an opportunity of contamination between distant environments where there was a mix of products.

In the East market is known as bazaar, in North Africa as suq while in Europe mercato, marché, αγορά . 

Born from the merging of hawkers, the oldest form of Commerce, fairs and markets represent a significant chapter in the history of food of all time and latitude.

Girolata (CORSE), 2014

Bolzano(ITALY), 2009 

Tunisia, 1998

Quebéc (CANADA), 2011

Mercato di Ballarò, Palermo (ITALY), 2011

Port Louis (MAURITIUS), 1999

Jaipur (INDIA), 2011

Porquerolles (FRANCE), 2011

Marché aux puces des Marolles, Bruxelles (BELGIUM), 2011

Chandni Chowk, New Delhi (INDIA), 2011

Marché Provençal, Antibes (France), 2012

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