Hello and welcome! My name is Ombretta and I live in the North West of Italy. I  have an education in  classical studies but also a degree in Biology and a PhD in Environmental Chemistry, in Quebéc (Canada), and I was a researcher and now I'm a High School Medical Science Teacher. 

This is my place to document my interests, aspects of my life, my inspirations but especially my great passion: photography 

My likes, in a kaleidoscopic order... Manhattan, spritz, My i-Phone, cats (in particular my sweetie Zarina), sailing, sea, sushi, India, my Nikon D80, any form of water, good books, all LV bags, Photoshop brushes, ballerina flats and lethear boots, Amitav Ghosh, Travel around the world, Provénce, sea breeze, Steve McCurry, mint popsicles, swimming,yoga philosophy, Campari, architecture, art, the power of the nature, music (jazz music all over), Québec, cinema d'essai, Memories of a Geisha, jogging during sea wintertime,  traveling, black, white,colours, Le Cirque du Soleil, warm pancake with maple syrup, meditation, Ridley Scott, soja puddings, a trip on motorcycle with onset of spring, modern metropolis, afternoon tisane, scents of Mediterranean 'macchia', un verre de rosé de Provénce bien frais, Freedive, fashion trends, Tiziano Terzani “philosophy”, fresh yummy oysters, exotic scented spices, FB, sunday morning brunch with my husband, to overflying the alps with an helicopter, Blade Runner, petrichor, Moshe Safdie, Kindle Paperwhite, …