Sunday, 12 February 2012

Vertical lines

Chrysler building, NYC

I like skyscrapers

Montréal, Downtown
I like their designs
I like the light that is reflect on their vertical walls, and this is one of the reason for my photographic inspiration
Top of the Rock, NYC
I like the beautiful and open view that you can have when you stay on the top
Wall Street, NYC
But I also like the sense of vertigo that a skyscraper gift to you looking it from the bottom up
Pier 17 backdropped by the towering buildings of Manhattan, NYC
I like simply the name: SKYSCRAPER… it’s funny and a good way of describing it
Chrysler building, NYC

Flatiron building, NYC



Time Square by night, NYC

New York Life Building & Aldred Building, Montréal
Québec City
Loews Hôtel Le Concorde

I loved the sentence that Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (a 20th century American writer) used to describe the Big Apple. He called New York City "Skyscraper National Park". And I agree with him, especially when I look the skyline of a metropolis. I think that the vertical city is the future, so we must build a comfortable and ecofriendly “vertical wood”.

Québec City and Montrèal

Times Square, NYC

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